Throughout the years the KOMPAN Group has been awarded many prizes and awards.

  • 2016 Red Dot award - After launching the new KOMPAN INDOOR FLEX System in November 2015 the uniqueness of the system has thrilled children and careers. Now the FLEX System has been awarded the Red Dot Product Design award 2016! The award is won due to the highly recognized design of the FLEX System and places KOMPAN FLEX System amongst the absolute top product designs. 
  • 2013 Janus de l'Industrie - For the 3rd time KOMPAN has been awarded the very attractive design award Le Janus de la Cité. The jury recognizes that KOMPAN has with the Hans Christian Andersen the SMART PlaygroundTM created a revolutionary new category of games for parks and schools for children aged 1 to 8 years and also the Teachers/adults. it was a solid foundation for language stimulation through role-playing and real incentives to adopt social behavior appropriate through legal concepts and universal truths conveyed by the fairy tales of Andersen. The first playground to combine thematic games with reading skills.
  • 2011 Design award of the Year in category Sport and Leasure in 2011 Australian International Design Awards.
    Awarded by Good Design, Australia - ICON
  • 2010 Business Excellence Award. Awarded by Bundaberg Chamber of Commerce, Australia. Winner of Manufacturing Catagory - Megatoy
  • 2009 The commercial Danish award 'Let's Play' - The award is given to an innovative company who is building the business on a mindset of "serious play."
  • 2008 GaLaBau Innovation Award- The ICONTM product line was awarded with the Innovation Medal at the GaLaBau Fair (International Trade Fair for Urban Green and Open Spaces) in Nuremberg, Germany.
  • 2008 Red Dot Design Award, "Honourable Mention"- The Red Dot Design committee awarded the KOMPAN STORY MAKERSTM product line with an "honourable mention" in recognition of its successful design details.
  • 2008 Le SETT d'or- Awarded by The French Federation of Camping.
  • 2007 Top Investor Award- Awarded by The Danish-Czech Business Forum.
  • 2007 Nordic Day Innovation Awards - Awarded by Nordic Day Event, Croatia.
  • 2007 Janus de l'Industrie - The panel of experts justified its choice of KOMPAN STORY MAKERSTM as the prize-winner based on the modular aspect of the product, which "encourages children to use their imagination".
  • 2002 Silver Industrial Design Excellence Award - Awarded by Industrial Designers of Society of America.
  • 2002 GaLaBau-Innovations-Medaille 2002 - Awarded by the GaLaBau trade fair, Germany.
  • 2001 Independent Living Design Award 2001 - Awarded by Phab England.
  • 1999 Good Design Award 1999 - Awarded by the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry.
  • 1999 Danish Industrial Design Prize 1999 - Awarded by the Danish Design Council.
  • 1997 Green Business - Awarded by the Municipality of Ringe.
  • 1994 Business Prize - Awarded by Unibank.
  • 1994 Ethics Prize - Awarded by the Danish Committee of Bachelor of Commerce.
  • 1994 Environment Prize - Awarded by the County of Fyn.
  • 1994 European Community Design Prize - Prestigious European design prize awarded for unique design policy.
  • 1994 King Frederik IX's Award for Excellence in Export
- Awarded by HKH Prince Henrik of Denmark as the committee's chairman.
  • 1994 Green Business - Awarded by the Municipality of Ringe.
  • 1993 Business Prize - Awarded by Nykredit.
  • 1992 Export Prize - Awarded by the Danish-French Union Trade.
  • 1992 Green Business - Awarded by the municipality of Ringe.