Our history


40 years ago, a young artist named Tom Lindhardt witnessed an event that changed the world of children’s play. One of his large, brightly coloured sculptures had been placed in a new housing estate to add colour to the otherwise drab surroundings. Realising that children were more interested in playing on it than admiring it, Lindhardt decided to start his own play equipment company – KOMPAN.

Production and launches 


  • KOMPAN launches the Smart Playground™ product line and Hans Christian Andersen assortment.
  • KOMPAN launches new GALAXY™ products.
  • KOMPAN launches new GALAXY™ product Saturn carousel.
  • KOMPAN launches new MOMENTS™ products for the toddler age group.
  • KOMPAN launches new IMAGINATOR™ products with space theme.


  • KOMPAN launches the IMAGINATOR™ product line.
  • KOMPAN launches new ELEMENTS™ product Multi spinner carousel.
  • KOMPAN launches new MOMENTS™ products for the toddler age group.
  • KOMPAN launches the Corcord® BASIX™ assortment.


  • KOMPAN launches new MOMENTS™ products for the pre-school age group.


  • KOMPAN constructs a 23,000 sqm large production and logistics centre in Brno, Czech Republic.
  • KOMPAN builds new headquarters in 'Tietgenbyen', Denmark, which  has a 2,300 sqm large office space and a 700 sqm large production development area.
  • KOMPAN launches new GALAXY™ product Stellanova


  • KOMPAN launches new MOMENTS™ products for the toddler age group
  • KOMPAN launches COROCORD™ dome products
  • KOMPAN launches KOMPLAY™ Panna and Pitch products
  • KOMPAN launches the X-ERCISE™ product line.


  • KOMPAN launches the KOMPAN ICONTM product line.
  • KOMPAN launches the KOMPAN BLOQXTM product line


  • Manufacturing in Denmark ceases, and all buildings in Ringe are sold. KOMPAN leases office buildings from the new ownership.
  • KOMPAN launches the KOMPAN STORY MAKERS™ product line.


  • Relocation of KOMPAN MOMENTS™ production and distribution to Brno, Czech Republic is initiated. 


  • KOMPAN shareholders accept a public offer from Nordic Capital Fund V. As a consequence KOMPAN A/S is delisted from the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. 
  • KOMPAN decides to move manufacturing and distribution of all products lines to the new production facility in the Czech Republic by the end of 2006. Company headquarters will remain in Ringe, Denmark.
  • Production and distribution of KOMPAN ELEMENTSTM and KOMPAN GALAXYTM are relocated to Brno, Czech Republic. 


  • Manufacturing and distribution of KOMPAN FREEGAME ™ are relocated to Brno in the Czech Republic. 


  • KOMPAN sells the BIGTOYS product line. BIGTOYS is now a part of the independent company BigToys, Inc. 


  • The GALAXYTM line is extended, and KOMPAN ELEMENTSTM is introduced. 


  • KOMPAN launches the innovative new KOMPAN GALAXYTM product line. 


  • KOMPAN INTERNATIONAL A/S merges with KOMPAN A/S as the continuing company. On merging, KOMPAN A/S changes the name of the company to KOMPAN A/S.


  • The majority votes in KOMPAN INTERNATIONAL A/S are sold to KIRKBI INVEST A/S. 


  • KOMPAN INTERNATIONAL A/S is established. 


  • KOMPAN is listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. 


  • The first sales subsidiary is founded in Germany. 


  • KOMPAN starts exporting playground equipment. 


  • Tom Lindhart Wils and Hans Mogens Frederiksen establish the company Multikunst Legepladser I/S (Multiart Playground). The name is subsequently changed to KOMPAN A/S. The word KOMPAN is coined from the Danish word "kumpan" meaning "companion". 




  • KOMPAN Group acquires Natura Norge A/S in Norway.
  • KOMPAN Group acquires OVAAL SPEELCONCEPTEN in Holland.


  • KOMPAN Group acquires Go Play Ltd. and the Northern Irish company Unique Playgrounds Limited. Go Play and Unique Playgrounds will provide KOMPAN with a direct sales channels in Ireland and Northern Ireland.
  • KOMPAN Group announces a joint acquisition. This provides KOMPAN with the majority control of DICA and uniQ nordic.


  • KOMPAN Group establishes a sales company i Italy, KOMPAN Italia srl.
  • KOMPAN Group acquires The Play Practice Ltd in Scotland. The company will provide KOMPAN a direct sales channel in Scotland.
  • KOMPAN Group acquires PlayMart Benelux NV- a supplier of playgrounds to Quick Service restaurants like McDonalds, Burger King and KFC in Europe and North Africa.


  • KOMPAN Group acquires The Play Practice in Scotland.
  • KOMPAN Group acquires the playground activities of the Finnish company Piresma Oy.
  • KOMPAN Group acquires Australian Megatoy Play Systems Ply Ltd.


  • KOMPAN Group acquires Swedish Slottsbro.


  • KOMPAN Group acquires Norwegian Lek & Sikkerhet AS.