Guidelines for candidates


The competition for jobs at KOMPAN is high. Thus, you need to make your application unique and show why you are right for the job.

Your application should contain a resume, a cover letter, and any supporting information relevant to your application.


Your resume is important for documenting your skills and competencies. Make it as easy to read as possible so we do not miss anything.

  • Keep your resume to the point but not too short.
  • Keep it relevant and tailor your resume to the job you are applying for. (It might not be relevant to highlight you have skills in graphic design, if you are applying for a job as a finance officer).
  • Check the spelling and grammar in your resume.
  • Make sure dates are in chronological order, most recent first.
  • Be honest and factual.

Cover letter

The cover letter relates to the job and your resume; use it to make yourself unique.

The cover letter should highlight key points in your resume and be relevant to the criteria set out in the job description. Qualifications are important, but so is experience gained on the job or through other activities. We acknowledge the more focused application

  • Show that you are motivated.
  • Highlight skills and experience that match the job you are applying for.
  • Stick to the point, focusing on achievements rather than tasks.
  • Be honest and factual.
  • Check for spelling and grammar for mistakes.
  • Keep your cover letter to one page.

Interview at KOMPAN

Interviews do not need to be a scary experience! We will make you feel at ease and comfortable, all you need to do is to relax! Typically, the interview is 3-4 weeks after the advertising for the job. In the first interview you will meet your potential new manager and HR.

The interview is a two-way process where you have a chance to learn more about us, and we about you.

  • We want to have a clear idea of your abilities, your ambitions, and what drives you.
  • We would like you to be honest and realistic in your abilities and opinions.
  • Our interview process is a dialogue between you and us.
  • We are not looking for a "right" or "wrong" answer.
  • Do some background research on KOMPAN and the job to be well dressed for the interview.