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CSR (corporate social responsibility) and human resources


UN's convention on the rights of the child mentions, among other things, children's right to play as part of their fundamental rights and development. KOMPAN strongly advocates for the same rights and one of our basic principles is that our products are instrumental in giving children this universal right to play.

From KOMPAN's foundation we have focused on contributing to improvement of childhood living conditions and children's right to play which substantiates development and learning. This focus on corporate social responsibility in the shape of children's rights and development is deeply embedded in KOMPAN just like fundamental human rights.

KOMPAN has chosen to base our CSR initiative on UN's Global Compact, and we are working on the implementation of the 10 principles.

Our corporate social responsibility forms a natural part of KOMPAN - both our business and our organisation. We believe that we can create a profitable business and take on a corporate social responsibility at the same time. Therefore, it is a priority for KOMPAN that CSR is included in all parts of the company - from development, sales, purchasing, production, delivery, and to the investments we make.

It is important for KOMPAN to comply with Danish and international legislation and product standards within our business area, as well as to increase the values they
are based upon. For instance, it is important to balance risk and challenge within product safety so that it is still fun, challenging, and educative to play.  

KOMPAN has chosen to base our CSR initiative on UN's Global Compact, and we are working on the implementation of the 10 principles. As part of the CSR efforts are:

  • Protection of human and worker's rights
  • Environmental protection
  • Anti-corruption

In 2011, KOMPAN joined UN's Global Compact and henceforth KOMPAN will report its CSR progress (COP) to UN on an annual basis.

KOMPAN has chosen to focus on the following areas:

  • Playing/health, learning, and social inclusion
  • Environment and design

In addition, we focus on product safety, human rights, and not least avoidance of child labour and corruption.



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CSR Communication on Progress

KOMPAN Group is a global provider of playgrounds and has through our responsible business practice for many years supported a strong commitment to economic, environmental and sustainable development.


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