Environmental Policy

Corporate Responsibility

The KOMPAN Environmental policy is based on environmental considerations, and forms an integral part of the decisions made by the Management, as KOMPAN manufactures outdoor playground equipment.

KOMPAN is committed to a continuous improvement of its environmental profile and the prevention of environmental pollution

  • Continuous improvements within the quality and environmental areas is part of the activities of all departments
  • Employees are constantly encouraged to take part in quality and environmental control, ensuring the further development of both the employees and KOMPAN.

KOMPAN is committed to comply with valid laws and other requirements relevant to environmental protection

  • Whenever possible, KOMPAN uses wood from FSC-certified sources, and avoid suppliers who provide wood from questionable/controversial sources.
  • Consequently, KOMPAN products are manufactured from materials and by technologies which have a minimal impact on the environment. Materials used by the company are evaluated on the basis of their impact on the environment before they are deemed acceptable for use. KOMPAN strives to meet customer and society demands for anti-pollution products.
  • KOMPAN contributes to, internally as well as externally, the development of environmentally justifiable technologies, materials, management procedures and behavior.
  • KOMPAN constantly ensures that the environment is not impacted in a negative manner by the activities of the company. Furthermore, external companies doing business with KOMPAN are also expected to live up to the environmental policy.

As a part of a continuous improvement process, KOMPAN sets and reviews environmental objectives and targets.

  • KOMPAN carries out continuous quality and environmental audits of its control system, ensuring that environmental policies and goals are constantly improved and adapted to society's demands.
  • KOMPAN makes a constant effort to minimise the consumption of resources by informing and training employees about the company's environmental impact, and encouraging them to actively participate in the continuous improvement process.
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