Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Corporate Responsibility

Occupational health and safety is an equivalent and integral part of all activities of the KOMPAN company and one of the company's permanent top priorities.

The main objective of the Kompan company in this regard is the continuous improvement of the management of the company's occupational health and safety issues, as well as the continuous improvement of performance in the field if occupational health and safety and, consequently, the level of occupational health and safety while ensuring legal compliance with the focus on:

  • occupational health and safety with the focus on the prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses
  • compliance with all legal regulations with regard to occupational health and safety and other programmes of the company and regulations to which the company is committed
  • effective and active involvement by all employees in the system of management of occupational health and safety issues.

In order to achieve these objectives, the top management of the KOMPAN company undertakes as follows:

  • Pursuant to the applicable organisational and work regulations, it shall integrate and coordinate OHS issues as part of the responsibilities of each and every employee
  • It shall identify and evaluate, on a continuous basis and in a qualified manner, potential danger to people's health and lives, damage to technical equipment and working environment. It shall adopt and implement measures to mitigate such risk and inform employees and other persons concerned about them.
  • It shall employ the complex system of education of employees for the sake of the raised awareness about, and knowledge of, issues related to occupational health and safety and environmental protection.
  • Furthermore, it shall include in the management of the OHS system all entities affected by the activities of the company, i.e. suppliers, customers, visitors and general public and actively work with them in this regard.

As a part of a continuous improvement process, KOMPAN sets and reviews OHS objectives and targets.

  • KOMPAN carries out continuous quality and safety audits of its control system, ensuring that safety policies and goals are constantly improved and adapted to society's demands.