Your benefits

What are your benefits in using the KOMPAN Design Studio?

With KOMPAN, you have a partner with more than 40 years of extensive knowledge in creating playgrounds all around the world, and therefore you can rest assure that we speak your language. KOMPAN maintains a strong global and local presence, and are ready to support you every step of the way through the process.

Our people at the KOMPAN Design Studio have worked with many exciting projects in various places around the world, and with many different materials and products. Therefore they are capable of putting themselves in your shoes, understand your ideas and visions and the composition needed for the project in question.

Through the KOMPAN Design Studio you have access to our entire world wide network, for instance the KOMPAN Play Institute. The KOMPAN Play Institute is an international network, where we collaborate with researchers and scientists who monitor trends and conduct studies within the areas of children's development and play. This knowledge we among other things use to develop your unique landmarks and the best products.

This also means that you only have one partner to deal with - the KOMPAN Design Studio. We will take care of all details and contact with the different partners involved. This is also your assurance that no matter how complex your project is or the amount of partners involved, we guaranty that the project will be one coherent and holistic play concept.

A concept that will amaze, be playful and create an architectural experience.


The KOMPAN Design Studio - playmazing landmarks.