Annual report 2007

Annual reviews

KOMPAN's organisation is constantly changing and the KOMPAN butterfly organisation is fluttering towards new markets...

2007 was the year when KOMPAN's unique "butterfly organisation" unfurled its wings in earnest and passed a number of outstanding milestones: turnover exceeded DKK 1 billion for the first time ever; earnings reached DKK 147 million; and the group now has more than 700 employees. In addition, the organisation has grown over the past year to include two new companies: Slottsbro (Sweden) and Megatoy (Australia). An enlargement which the organisation has demonstrated its ability to handle with excellence. 2007 was also the year where KOMPAN moved the remainder of its manufacturing process from Denmark to the Czech Republic, so that KOMPAN now conducts its principal manufacturing in the Czech Republic, with small-scale manufacturing processes in the Netherlands, Germany, Norway and Sweden.

Profitable growth (organic and through acquisitions) will still be in focus in 2008 and the years ahead. KOMPAN has a strong global position but it is possible to reinforce this position even more by increasing our market-oriented conduct. Our Nordic strategy leads the way for the rest of the organisation. During the course of just two years (2005-2007), we tripled our sales in the Nordic region through better market penetration and through corporate acquisitions. We aim to generate similar growth in all our other markets. We can only achieve this by exploiting our full market potential with our existing tools and, at the same time, acquiring new tools by means of new corporate acquisitions. This means that the very nature of our organisation is currently changing so KOMPAN will from now on be the name of a strong value-based trademark and also the name of the entire group, which comprises a variety of different trademarks.

That's why our butterfly must flutter onwards with greater strength in the years to come. The body must be reinforced by continuing to develop our employees and their skills. The wings must be strengthened by continuing the development of our distribution, sales-rep training and acquisitions, as well as by optimising our supply chain to ensure competitive production costs and delivery quality.

Fair winds for everyone.

Annual report

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