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Play for All - Play Together

At Kompan we design every piece of our playground equipment using the principles of inclusive design.  This means we can offer a diverse range of equipment to engage children with a range of special educational needs.  Kompan were involved in the development of the play equipment guidelines for the American's with Disability Act (ADA) and we use these as one means of judging the accessibility of our equipment as guidelines remain amongst the most specific and stringent set of guidelines in the field of playground equipment.

From playground equipment favorites such as the Supernova, which has won awards for its inclusive design, to special variations on our play units, our range is particularly suited to public playgrounds, playgrounds at SEN schools, or schools who offer facilities for children of all abilities to play together.

We focus on ability
When designing a special educational needs school playground, or a generally accessible public playground, it is tempting to think in terms of specialist pieces of playground equipment such as wheelchair roundabouts and swings.  Jeanette Fich Jespersen of the Kompan Play Institute argues that this focus on mobility can lead to playgrounds that miss the point of being truly inclusive: allowing children of all abilities the chance to play together.

The Play Institute has published a short guide to selecting accessible playground equipment and designing playgrounds that offer inclusive play for children with mobility, sensory and learning impairments, based on Kompan's 6 principles of universal playground design.

Inclusive play equipment should be:

  1. Accessible
  2. Multifunctional (when possible)
  3. Designed to allow play from all sides
  4. Equipped with diverse play opportunities
  5. Clear in colour and design signals
  6. Provided with special solutions for special needs where relevant


Free accessibility assessment
Kompan brochures highlight equipment that it is particularly suited to children with mobility impairments or can offer variations to improve accessibility for key groups, making it easy to select appropriate playground equipment for an accessible school or public playground.  Our playground consultants are also trained to offer support and guidance on the accessibility of your current playground and how it can be developed to meet the needs of children with a range of abilities.  This playground assessment and design service is offered free of charge and without commitment.

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UK - SEM #2

Headteacher: Jenny Drake

"The school playground is fantastic and the reduction in behaviour problems over the lunchbreak has been of great benefit to us all.  We wonder how we managed without it."


Jenny Drake
Headteacher, Hay Lane SEN School.

Headteacher: Julia Weston

"We were aware that while we had tremendous facilities inside our buildings, we weren't making the most of the outdoor areas.  There was very little to attract children's interest or spark their imaginations, so it was hardly surprising that our grounds weren't used very much or very well.  Creating a learning landscape summed up our aim to extend what we do from the inside to the outside."


Julia Weston
Samuel Pepys SEN School