KOMPAN Organic Robinia

The Natural Playground Solution

Our new ORGANIC ROBINIA designs are inspired by the organic shapes of nature itself and all the uniqueness of the winding robinia wood.

By taking a holistic approach to create the play area, we stimulate children's interest in nature and introduce an understanding of nature into their lives.

Having enriched children's play for more than 45 years, we know that real play value matters. Based on knowledge from our KOMPAN Play Institute we make sure children get the most out of their time on our playgrounds, by incorporating 'age appropriate' play and 'child development' into our designs and solutions.

To make it complete and ensure the best quality throughout the entire process, we have built a new, world class factory entirely focusing on production of ORGANIC ROBINIA - so we are with you all the way from planning to installation and do even offer a full service and maintain package.


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