Fair Play - play equipment price reduction initiative


Make shrinking budgets go further

We have introduced a new price-led initiative designed to mitigate the effects of Central Government funding cuts on local authorities, and individual Council's abilities to meet their statutory play provision responsibilities.

The initiative, which is being implemented from June 2016, will enable cash-strapped Councils take advantage of product list price reductions across a wide-range of our new and best-selling playground equipment.

Our Managing Director, Steve Sylvester explains:

"Councils are currently a little over half way through a scheduled 40 per cent cut in funding from central government.

"Even with Council-wide re-organisations and efficiency savings, it's clear that so called 'none front-line' services, that can often include investment in new outdoor play areas, and the upgrade and maintenance of existing play spaces, will continue to be affected."

In a move designed to help offset Local Authorities' current budget constraints and, as consequence, make their play solutions more accessible by being more affordable - KOMPAN has put its own profit margins on hold so that children of all ages don't miss out.

The price reductions, explains Steve Sylvester, "will have a catalysing effect..and will provide the incentive Councils need to invest in dynamic and inclusive playgrounds and play equipment from KOMPAN."

A quick look at some of the price reductions now available support Mr Sylvester's assertions.

For example, the Birds Nest Steel Swings have been reduced by 14% and the best-selling Galaxy Supernova rotators are now available with 16% off their original list price.

Different products (and there are hundreds of them), have different discounts - and we urge new and existing customers to check out the new prices in our 2016 Product Overview brochure here, or by contacting KOMPAN on 01908 201002.