New outdoor sport and fitness concept!


Every day KOMPAN meets customers all over the world that are challenged with rapid urbanisation and today’s sedentary lifestyles, leaving communities and citizens with alarmingly low levels of physical activity. Globally over 39% of all adults and over 80% of adolescents in industrialized countries fail to meet even the minimum amount of WHO’s physical activity recommendations. The financial burden of inactivity related health issues, dependency and lost productivity are creating even more pressure on already tight public budgets.

KOMPAN Sport & Fitness Institute has, together with training experts, looked into market trends, customer needs and what users require to become more physically active.

Rob Boogmans, Director of the KOMPAN Sport & Fitness Institute, who is also a physiotherapist, states: "KOMPAN's own research shows that the desire to become more active is there - but time, money and motivation are the main reasons given for not being more active. To get inactive people active, communities require accessible and effective training locations suitable for all ages and physical abilities. But it takes more than that", says Rob Boogmans and continues:  "Appropriate instruction and motivation are also to be part of the solution to create long term effects, and research indicates that having digital or physical guidance increases exercise effectiveness, persistence and retention."

Based on these insights KOMPAN has developed a totally new training concept offering not only new innovative and compelling training equipment, but also support by an app that ensures simple instruction and guidance, training programs, challenges and even nutritional advice. This solution also offers the possibility to connect with other people in the local community, as well as sign up with local trainers to participate in onsite training. A new full solution concept designed to get communities and eventually whole societies active. Leading to healthier people, stronger communities, and for local authorities - increased economic welfare in the long run.

If you are interested in finding out more information about the product range view our online magazine  here  or contact KOMPAN on 01908 201007.