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Respect for the environment

KOMPAN is an environmentally responsible company. We target to use as much FSCTM certified wood in our products as possible.

KOMPAN's wooden product designs are certified by the standards of the FSC (Forest Stewardship CouncilTM). FSC's mission is to promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world's forests.

If the wood in a product origins from both FSC Certified and Controlled sources, the product is classified as FSC Mix. If all wood in a product origins from FSC Certified sources (forests) and physical separation has been implemented through the whole manufacturing process, the product is classified as FSC 100%

The FSC certified products are marked with the FSC logo in the product section of this website.


List of KOMPAN FSC license numbers:

Organization Name Country Certificate code License No.
Kompan A/S, Nordic Division Denmark SW-COC-001532 FSC-C023002
Kompan Norge A/S Norway SW-COC-001532 FSC-C023002
Kompan Barnland AB Sweden SW-COC-001532 FSC-C023002
Kompan Suomi OY Finland SW-COC-001532 FSC-C023002
Kompan Ltd. United Kingdom SW-COC-001549 FSC-C008087
Kompan GmbH Germany SW-COC-001532 FSC-C023002
Kompan BV Netherlands SW-COC-001532 FSC-C023002
KOMPAN NV Belgium SW-COC-001532 FSC-C023002
Jeux KOMPAN SA France SW-COC-001561 FSC-C006170
Juegos Kompan S.A. Spain SW-COC-001548 FSC-C013039


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