KPX323 - Upper Body Trainer - Free Runner - Body Flexer

Free Runner simulates a running experience familiar to most of us. Beginners and experienced users alike can step up and run freely at an intensity entirely defined by them. Train your fitness and the lower body without requirements of prior learning or instructions. The Upperbody Trainer might look simple, but behind the simplicity lays a wealth of training. Use your own body weight to define the intensity, and efficiently train your entire upper body and back. For increased challenge, simply increase the amount of repetitions. And the Body Flexer, which only asks to step up and take hold of the bar as you move your body back and forth, thereby training all of your central muscles. Each part of the structure trains a specific element of the body. This combines an increased overall health and fitness gained from cardiovascular fitness training with the increased body strength and posture of muscular and flexibility training. The equipment is available with hot dipped galvanized surface treatment and optional powder coated top layer in silver grey color RAL9007. If requested a curved roof can be added to the center pole.

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