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The playground that plays back! While children still love healthy, invigorating, outdoor play, the allure of electronic games is keeping kids indoors more than ever before.

To give children the best of both worlds, KOMPAN has created ICON, a new series of outdoor electronic play equipment that promotes modern play by combining interactive computer games and outdoor fun. 

With an ICON playground it's easy to coax children out in the fresh air - while still enjoying the kind of games they like to play indoors. Each product comes with up to four fun games where children can play individually or team up, discuss rules and strategies, and have endless hours of outdoor excitement. In fact, they can even play after dark, when ICON's glowing lights beckon children all around to join in the fun of outdoor gaming.

International ICON approvals

Both the ICON online server and the ICON offline power box are CE marked for the European market and ETL Intertek certified for the United States and Canada. 
On top of that a CB report has been done for both products.


The CE-Marking is required in the European Union.
By afficing the CE-mark to a product the manufacturer declares conformity to EU directives relevant for the product.
The manufacturer has the responsibility and must be able to provide evidence that the declared conformity is valid. The directives relevant to ICON are the EMC directive (EMC = electromagnetic compatibility = restrictions to electromagnetic emission and immunity) and the Low voltage Directive (concerning electrical safety).

Read the Declaration of Conformity


ETL Intertek certification

The ICON hold an ETL Intertek certification for USA and Canada.
The certifications are carried out by the independent test house ETL Intertek Semko which guaranties the compliance with the relevant international standards. The ETL certification concerns only electrical safety for ICON.
An ETL Intertek certification includes inspections performed by ETL Intertek two times per year for verifying that the product is still produced in a reliable manner, and is still fulfilling the requirements which were fulfilled at the certification.

See the ETL certificate


CB certification

The CE-marking together with the ETL Intertek certification cover the EU, USA and Canada, - the rest of the world is missing.
A CB certification is a test and report done by a certified independent test house according to the standard in question including all national deviations from the international version of the standard.
However, individual countries may still require a certification. If a certification is required it will in most cases be given administratively based on the CB-report. 
For more information about CB certification and national deviation please contact Kompan.

Read the CB report

ICON - The playground
that plays back!