From winding woods - straight to playground fun!


Our new ORGANIC Robinia designs are inspired by the organic shapes of nature itself and all the uniqueness of the winding Robinia wood.

By taking a holistic approach to create the play area, we stimulate children's interest in nature and introduce an understanding of nature into their lives. Having enriched children's play for more than 45 years, we know that real play value matters.

Based on knowledge from our KOMPAN Play Institute we make sure children get the most out of their time on our playgrounds, by incorporating 'age appropriate' play and 'child development' into our designs and solutions. To make it complete and ensure the best quality throughout the entire process, we have built a new, world-class factory entirely
focusing on production of ORGANIC ROBINIA - so we are with you all the way from planning to installation and do even offer a full service and maintenance package.

Environmentally friendly, Robinia wood also has a high content of naturally occurring preservatives, that's why it doesn't need to be treated for rot in any way. At the same time, its dense composition makes it very resistant to splintering, humidity damage and water permeating the wood.

The strength, durability and flexibility of Robinia wood also makes it particularly ideal for use in natural playgrounds. Its beautiful grain structure, raw de-barked tree trunks and natural, homemade appearance underlines the allure of nature.

KOMPAN ORGANIC ROBINIA solutions are available both as untreated wood, brown pigmented (transparent) or with painted parts. The painting we use is an environmental friendly water-based acrylic paint that meets European Standard EN71-3 specifying safety requirements for toys according to migration.


Untreated robinia wood
The choice in tune with nature. The de-barked tree trunks of unpreserved
Robinia wood will get a fine greyish patina over time and blend in with the

Transparent brown pigmented robinia
The choice to maintain the original glow of Robinia wood. To maintain the
golden glow of the play equipment all wooden components are painted with
a transparent brown pigmented paint which highlights the tree structure.

Color painted robinia wood
The colorful choice for a unique play solution. KOMPAN designed color
combination that emphasizes certain components like steps & window frames.
Further the color composition strengthen the ORGANIC ROBINIA FAMILY concept
with a uniform visuality


KOMPAN is fully certified in accordance with the FSC guidelines, which means
we can document the entire provenance of our materials and our commitment
to sustainable forestry. The KOMPAN ORGANIC ROBINIA range can be ordered
in FSC-certified wood. Its aim is to preserve forests through the promotion of
responsible forestry. We are happy to supply with an FSC certificate upon request.