Product lines

Carefully designed to maintain good health. X-ERCISE is an excellent way to offer people an easy way to get their 30 minutes of recommended exercise every day.

An outdoor fitness area can be used as a station for a complete workout, or to add variety to a walking or running trail. X-ERCISE embraces personal wellness and supports healthy, balanced physical exercise.

We know exercise can be most enjoyable with your friends and family, therefore X-ERCISE is designed with this in mind. Individual products can be placed closely to allow its users to interact and thereby encourage social fitness.

The products with multiple activities are designed to allow different people to exercise at the same time. The assortment is for anyone aged 15 or above and it is ideal for seniors.

Every X-ERCISE product is marked with information about how to use the equipment, as well as showing which muscle groups the exercise benefits. Let's build a healthier tomorrow.