Big Meadow Play Area

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The Park is located in a beautiful riverside tourist destination with ample car parking for locals and visitors alike.

The brief was to revamp and improve on an old fenced play area for toddlers and juniors that had reached the end of its service life and to add in activities for older players outside the fenced area.

Being a flood zone meant that no landscaping was permitted and that the design had to be approved by the Environment Agency.

Retaining a set of flat swings we then added a new large MOMENTS Multiplay, both Bird's Nest and Cradle Swings, Garden Multi-Seesaw, Spinner Bowl, COROCORD Spacenet, Steel Skate, Supernova Roundabout and a Large Cableway with Platform.


The Big Meadow play area has been designed to blend with the environment. Natural features and KOMPAN equipment sit harmoniously together.

The 6+ equipment was chosen to be transparent within the area, to minimise the visual impact of the new play area, A COROCORD Spacenet featuring as the largest activity. Accompanied by lower level dynamic items, like the Supernova and Cableway.

A large Moments combination is the colourful exception providing a variety of activities for the younger age group.