Clophill Village Rec Ground

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Clophill Parish Council in Bedfordshire returned to KOMPAN, which had installed a successful play area for the village 13 years ago, for a facility aimed at younger children.

Project Brief
The council had already commissioned KOMPAN to build a playground for early teens in 2003 and in 2016 turned to the world's leading playground provider for an exciting structure aimed at six to 12 year-olds. The new facility needed to offer a variety of play opportunities and encourage higher levels of physical activity.

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The Result

KOMPAN installed the hugely popular school age Moments system, specifically designed for school-age children. The structure has opened up a much broader range of play opportunities for the children in Clophill, including those who require disabled access. Key attractions include the rope climbing wall, tower net and turbo challenge, which invite children to enhance their physical capabilities and improve strength through exciting activities. Meanwhile, the banister bars and plank bridge help develop balance and core strength.

The result is an inclusive and dynamic play experience that enhances the village for younger residents and visitors. Children have reported in surveys that they especially enjoy the spinning and rotating movements encouraged by the equipment, closely followed by climbing and sliding.

"In 2003 KOMPAN installed a Meeting Point, Super Nova, Galaxy Sarin Unit and Cosmos Goal all of which are still doing well, 14 years later. The younger children find the unit challenging whilst the older ones now race around the unit and user the timer/points scoring to keep track of the fastest."

Louise Hodge, Parish Councillor



Installed: August 2016

Age Range: 6 - 12 years old

Product Range: MOMENTS School Age

Surfacing: Grassmat

Project Value: £24,000