Filands Play Area

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Playing with natural materials. Comfort and the environment are central to De Papillon Campsite and Bungalow Park.

We created an initial design based upon the working groups ideas.  This initial design was presented to the local council and district council.  Using the feedback, we created a secondary design for public consultation.

At public consultation a number of changes were raised.  These changes were made and the designs went back to the client for agreement, before tender.   Kompan entered into competitive tender to deliver the design and won.   Once the contract was award and a couple of weeks before installation a number of neighbours complained about the location, so we rearranged and located it.

The Filands play area has been designed to work in harmony with the surroundings. Timber equipment from the Nature ranges has subtle colours which still provide contract and a 'call to play'- Without being too intrusive. Gentle landscaping provides passive boundaries within the site - which double as additional play activities.


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