Holmwood Park Play Area

Dorking, Surrey

Following previous successful projects, Mole Valley District Council approached KOMPAN to refurbish their tired play area sat under trees in a quiet residential area to provide new play opportunities for young children.

Existing Playground
The existing equipment was rotting and the lack of light meant that the area felt unwelcoming as well as leaving moss and lichen growing over the equipment.

Project Brief
Replace the equipment with new items that will provide different play opportunities aimed predominantly for children up to 8 years old.

Holmwood -Park -Play -Area

The Result
KOMPAN installed products from the toddler range which consists of a spinner bowl, fire station toddler unit, fire truck springer, swings and hopper seesaw.

All elements of the playground produce a rich combination of play possibilities giving children to opportunity to explore and play together. 

"More parents with younger children are visiting the playground now than prior to the new playground. Mole Valley District Council pruned a number of the nearby trees which also increased the light into the area, making it a lot more welcoming. The whole playground is now surfaced too which has resulted in more parents brining their children and it is now being used a lot more over winter." 

Tony Wynn , Mole Valley District Council


Installed: November 2015

Age Range: up to 8 years old

Refurb of existing playground

Product Range: KOMPAN toddler

Surfacing: Bonded rubber mulch

Project Value: £30,000