Paignton Green

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Kompan first got involved in PG in 2009 with the initial application to The National Lottery.

During the application process the community group decided to use an independent architect to design the final play area.  Kompan had a couple of items specified; however no longer had full control of the design.

18 months went past and Kompan were invited to bid for the installation, however at that meet Kompan highlighted a great number of issues with the design and lack of play value.

Following that meeting Kompan were asked to take the design lead and went on the fully redesign the area from.

Once the design was agreed Kompan worked with the council and the community to get final planning permission and a public understanding of the wonderful creation we had come up with.

Kompan worked to ensure that the deadlines were met, we were complemented a number of times by the project managers for our dedication and willingness to work in all conditions.

Upon completion we converted many members of the public who doubted the scheme, we created a new landmark in Paignton and a playground the council are very proud of.

The large seafront development in Paignton has been themed to celebrate the 'Jurassic Coast' Geology and archaeology feature heavily in the design of this major destination play area.

The theming has been applied using specially designed bespoke play items themed to represent fossils and coral. The design fully explores the potential of the different materials chosen. The properties of wetpour have been exploited to create 'strata' graphics.

A Timber Eco-zone has been created using Robinia equipment on grassmat safer surfacing - creating a more subtle area away from the bright and more vivid themed zones.

The large sand and water-play provides a sensory play experience that everyone can enjoy.

The site has been heavily landscaped to create a real sense of place. Bespoke sculptures have been included to further reinforce the Playgrounds identity.

Check out the park on the  360 video tour.

Installation Date: 2012 

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