Preston Park

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Set amongst a mature tree belt, the Corocord nets and Sky-cabins offer scale and challenge whilst blending into the landscape.

The strength of these robust, naturally coloured rope structures almost belies their delicate transparent appearance; it is as if children are climbing, running, swinging and balancing on an intricate spider's web.

Adjacent to the sky walk is a lower net, a practice for the big net! This net seems to grow out of the tree, be part of the forest floor, encouraging games of rope 'tig' and "catch me if you can". Alongside, a series of rope and net bridges and balancing structures, set at low levels so even the less physically adventurous can hone their skills in preparation for bigger adventures.

Rope play offers stimulating challenge and adventure, encouraging individual and group play; with play opportunities for the majority of children whatever their age or ability.

Using timber and natural coloured ropes this large scale structure echoes the scale of the park, reflects the materials throughout the rest of the park, and enhances the feeling of a unique and special experience.