A New Playground is Within Reach

Published 21/03/18

Residents of the small fen-edge village of Reach will be officially opening their new playground on 24th March 2018.

Letting loose their lyrical side landed the village second-place in a nationwide competition run by the playground supplier KOMPAN to ‘describe your dream playground’. In combination with a fantastic £50,000 grant from funding body WREN, a grant from ECDC and support from the Parish Council the project is now fully funded.

Many a Reach child had swung, clambered and jumped in the existing playground thought to be around 30 years old. However, the most recent safety inspection confirmed that extensive work was needed to keep it safe and functioning. The new KOMPAN facility will provide safe, modern play opportunities, as well as fitness equipment to help keep the village healthy.

Cath Tayleur, head of Reach Playground Committee says: "This is incredibly exciting news for the Village. We are going have an amazing facility with a much longed for zip-wire and a range of exciting equipment that will cater for all ages and abilities. We are hugely grateful to our funders for making this possible."

Steve Sylvester, Managing Director at KOMPAN says "We are delighted to support local community groups like Reach to help boost their funding to achieve their dream playground. KOMPAN have kicked off 2018 with another matched funding competition to give more schools and councils the opportunity to double their budget and help to create happier and healthier communities!"