Brampton Primary School

With an old climbing structure geared towards KS2 and surfacing that became very slippery in wet and cold weather the school wanted to redevelop their playground. The new space needed to include challenging equipment that offered lots of play value for KS1 students on safe new surfacing.


Project Brief:

The Head Teacher at Brampton is an avid climber, so the school wanted to create a statement piece in the playground that offered varied physical challenges and could be used by a lot of children at the same time as they 700+ students will have access to the area. On top of physical development the school wanted to also ensure that the equipment offered opportunities for students to socialise and make friends, as they have children from all over the world from Canada to Congo.

Project Overview

Location:  Newham, London

Date of Installation: Summer 2017

Age Group: KS1 and KS2

Product Range: Corocord & Galaxy

Surfacing: Bonded Rubber Mulch

Project Value: £45,000



The Result:

The project was a great success; the climbing equipment has been used during PE as an assault course where pupils are asked to climb into, around and over the large structure. As well as an incentive for good behaviour, the students enjoy playing on it so much that the Head Teacher has introduced a reward system where the best behaved year gets to play on the equipment on Fridays. From a safety perspective, the slips and accidents have reduced with the new ‘bonded rubber mulch’ surfacing, which offers more grip and a safer environment for play.

“Sometimes I have been outside walking across the play area and I have seen the ‘Head of the School’ sitting on the top”

Kevin Bingham, Site Manager

“The equipment has increased the use of the playground, with the children getting out of the classroom and into the fresh area. I am happy to act as a reference for KOMPAN.”

Sonu Somra, School Finance Manager

Brampton Primary School

Brampton Primary School

Greater London, London , England