Calcot Hotel & Spa, Gloucestershire

Calcot Hotel and Spa were looking for a solution to having to socially distance and the prospect of allowing less users in their indoor gym. They utilised an outdoor area which would also be seen as great additional facility for the guests and also be viewed as positive way to respond to the pandemic.

Project Brief

Impressed by the quick response to their initial enquiry, Calcot Hotel & Spa explained that they needed a solution to the problem of their gym equipment being indoors. KOMPAN introduced them to the Cardio fitness range, and explained the benefits of our real fitness products. The chosen equipments’ resistance automatically adapts depending on users’ speed. Users can also choose to manually change the resistance through a Bluetooth-connected KOMPAN Cardio app.

The outdoor equipment will allow members to socially distance when exercising and help the hotel to welcome back their valued members safely, giving all parties peace of mind. The KOMPAN installation team then worked quickly to get the project in the ground for the requested opening date.

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the result

The hotel now has a modern outdoor facility which has undoubtedly helped to prevent some would-be cancellations for the hotel. Members will now find peace of mind in the ability to exercise safely outside. All in all, the project was completed by KOMPAN in just under 4 weeks, from initial design through to completion.

Project Overview

Location: Gloucestershire, England

Date of Installation: June 2020

Age Group: 14+

Product Range: KOMPAN Fitness

Project Value: £40,000





KOMPAN fitness is certainly the most impressive and effective outdoor kit that you will find. We received an excellent service from start to finish and I am very happy to either show or endorse the KOMPAN brand given our recent experience with them. The KOMPAN brand is fantastic, as are the products, and I encourage anyone to bring people and show them the site at Calcot. They will see just how great it is.


Cathy Ball

Spa Director, Calcot Hotel & Spa

Calcot Hotel & Spa

Gloucestershire, Tetbury GL8 8YJ, England