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The products in our market-leading assortment span across all ages, cover every potential category, and accommodate every stage of a child‘s development and play.

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Inspection and Maintenance

How to keep your play and sports area safe. We Inspect, Maintain, Repair and Refurbish any manufacturers equipment.


Corocord Inspirational Brochure

The brand new Corocord Inspirational brochure is here! Full of fresh, brought to life ideas - who knew rope play could be so much fun!

Main Catalogue 2021

The products in our market leading range span all ages, cover every potential category and accommodate every stage of a child‘s development and play.

Real Outdoor Fitness

KOMPAN has a vision to get more people in the world active. Through product and concept development, KOMPAN have incorporated what is needed to overcome physical activity barriers, resulting in an innovative training solution.

Robinia Play Sculptures

Our Robinia Play Sculptures catalogue gives you a view into a world of unique custom play sculptures.

Play For All

Universal design for inclusive playgrounds


Wowing children with breathtaking height, exciting themes, and tons of play features for hours of fun.


The fun, age appropriate playground makes the children want to come back and play time and time again. Apart from being great fun, the play equipment trains their motor and cross-body coordination skills.

Outdoor Furniture

Enjoy our brand new outdoor furniture catalogue.

Playground Equipment for Schools

Transform the outdoor area at your school or nursery into a stimulating, fun and social space!


Playground Equipment for Leisure Facilities

With an ever-expanding list of attractions within the UK, you need to make the most of your outdoor space.


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