Children's Epilepsy Hospital, Denmark

A playground for treating epilepsy

The Epilepsy Hospital, Filadelfia is one of a kind in Denmark. The hospital holds the country's expert knowledge and specialises in treating and diagnosing children with epilepsy and sequelae. 

In 2018, the hospital was granted a gift from a Danish foundation - funds to establish a large, outdoor playground surrounding the hospital grounds. The playground was built to provide a natural environment outside the clinical environment for the children to play and use their senses, and to give doctors and nurses a new way of observing and treating the children. 

123 play equipments on 2400 m2

The impressive new play area holds nothing less than 123 inclusive play equipments, carefully selected to offer play for children of all abilities. The children coming to the hospital have very different levels of epilepsy and very different abilities. Therefore, the playground is designed using various types of play activities that are devided in to zones to make sure all children are included in the play.  

Designed to include all abilities

The new play area "Jump Out" includes children of all abilities and encourage them to do forget their disease for a moment and do what children do best - play!

All 123 play equipments have been carefully placed to support the children at their individual level. Play equipment like wheelchair swings, sense gardens and ramp structures make sure that even children with disabilities is included in the play.    





The playground allows the kids to play together now. Something they couldn't do before. That makes me really happy. 

Martin Beck Iversen