Why Is Balancing & Climbing Equipment So Important For Children?

All great school playground designs should include climbing frames and balancing play equipment. If you’re responsible for school playground ideas, choose play structures that encourage children to keep active and use their imaginations. Climbing frames are a great way to do this.


For an early years playground, climbing and balancing activities are very important. While toddlers may not be able to scale large structures, they must take part in the activities for their early year's development. Having age-appropriate playground equipment allows children of all ages to benefit from climbing frames. 

As kids age and grow, they can tackle more difficult climbing structures. They have the balance, coordination, and strength to complete the puzzle the play equipment is posing. Being able to adapt and play on new structures improves children’s self-esteem and confidence which is vital for their emotional development.

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How Balancing & Climbing Frames For Schools Benefit Your Children

Climbing is a key part of a child’s early years of development. Play activities that encourage children to balance help grow their spatial awareness and coordination. However, they also develop physical skills such as agility and strength. All this from a fun twenty minutes scaling outdoor playground equipment for schools.

Balance is a crucial skill for children to hone on the playground. Learning how to tackle new inclines, materials, and covering different distances enhances children’s proprioception. This improves the ability kids have to manoeuvre their bodies. Primary school climbing frames help in developing physical skills also contribute to the development of cognitive skills such as working memory.


The Types Of Balancing & Climbing Equipment For Children


Climbing Structure

One of the biggest benefits a primary school climbing frame offers children is releasing stress and excess energy. At lunch and break times, children need to take time away from the classroom. The Climbing Structure is a great play opportunity to provide children with. It enables them to scale different structures and move between different parts of the equipment.

The Climbing Structure offers dynamic climbing opportunities. Transitioning from a ladder to a rock climbing wall to monkey bars is a great puzzle for kids to solve. It also helps children develop a more wide range of physical skills. The size of the Climbing Structure allows children to socialise and collaborate to climb the play equipment.

Balance Rope

While large, more complex play equipment is exciting, smaller play structures are important to include. The Balance Rope is a great piece of play equipment for younger children. It’s age-appropriate for toddlers and young children as it’s low to the ground and relies on balance. If children are still developing the balance required, parents or teachers can assist them.

The Balance Rope helps children improve their balance, coordination, and concentration. It also helps them develop patience as they have to take their time as well as learn how to complete the route. Being unable to balance on the rope to be able to complete the obstacle improves children’s confidence.

climbing frames for schools from KOMPAN
primary school climbing frame from KOMPAN

Sway Alley

This is an exciting variation of a trim trail track that helps children develop their balance. The supporting ropes not only support the steps but assist kids to traverse Sway Alley. Its steps also have alternating heights to make the play structure more dynamic. The play equipment offers a social hub in the playground where children can relax and make new friends.


There is a wide range of climbing frames available as outdoor equipment for schools. As kids climb from a young age, sometimes from the day they can walk, it’s an exciting activity they will enjoy. The job of playground equipment is to provide different climbing opportunities that are unique and engaging.


The Climber is a perfect example of how equipment adapts to basic climbing activities. Using overhead bars, a ladder, and a climbing net, the Climber is an exciting play opportunity for children. It requires strength and agility but also problem-solving skills to scale the different activities.

KOMPAN Climbing Playground Equipment

Play is so important to children’s development. Climbing and balancing activities are not only fun and exciting play opportunities, they support children to learn problem-solving skills, teamwork and improve their strength and coordination. With innovative playground equipment, children can explore their creativity and benefit from climbing play activities.

Discover unforgettable climbing playground equipment with KOMPAN. No parent or teacher should disregard the importance of play for children. Find the answer to any question you have on playground equipment by contacting KOMPAN.


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