Colfes Independent School

After an inspection on a timber play structure that was an estimated 20 to 30 years old, the school found that the equipment was rotting and needed to be replaced with a new unit that would last even longer.

Project Brief:

With an existing structure in place, the school needed to have the old wooden unit removed and wanted to replace it with a new bright and functional piece of equipment that would last another 20 to 30 years. With the summer holidays coming up, the school wanted the playground to be ready by the time the students came back to school, so they had something that looked different in the playground, was robust and would stimulate learning and development of the students at the school.


Project Overview

Location: Greenwich, London

Date of Installation: Summer 2017

Age Group: Early Years

Product Range: Moments

Project Value: £22,000






The Result:

The equipment was delivered on time and before the start of the new school term, ready for students to play and learn when they came back to school. The bright new moments unit was installed with steel feet to combat any potential rotting and ensure it lasted just as long as the school's last piece of equipment.


“KOMPAN were brilliant, if only all contractors were like you”

Martin Scobie, Operations Director

“I was very very impressed with KOMPAN, with the speed that they worked onsite and how it was delivered in such short notice, I am a difficult guy to impress and I was impressed with KOMPAN.”

 Mark Lawrie-Robson, Operations Manager

 Colfes Independent School