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Corpus Christi Primary School Glasgow

Corpus Christi Primary School in Glasgow wanted more than just a playground. A large number of the children come from deprived or disadvantaged backgrounds and they wanted to improve the play area for their children. They wanted them to have a safe play area where they would enjoy break times, improve their fitness levels and ultimately make them happier, because happy children want to come to school.


Project Brief

After the initial meeting with KOMPAN, Commercial Director Colin Griffin came back to the school with a collaborative design using ideas from both the school and KOMPAN. Within the infant area, a large ship was chosen to support language learning and communication, build confidence through role play.

The school also wanted to add some real physical play and give the children the chance to run about, have big arm movements and develop gross motor skills. The Senior space was zoned into three distinctive areas; a physical space for climbing, balancing and agility, a creative zone with a performance stage and drawing panels, and a social space with little colourful steps that can be used in many different ways.


Project Overview

Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Date of Installation: September 2018

Age Group: Primary

Product Range: Themed Play, Supernova, Elements, Bloqx, Seesaw

Project Value: £94,000





The Result:

The school now absolutely love their new playground for many reasons. All of their children are now actively engaged. They have places to climb, to swing, also to sit and chat with their friends. It’s just so exciting to see how happy they all are.

Nicola Farrell, Deputy Headteacher commented: “Our playground was a disaster zone before. It was drab, it was uninviting. We were drawn into the bright designs, the modern designs that KOMPAN had to offer and then our meeting with Colin confirmed our thoughts because when he arrived he showed us what we could have with our budget and what was possible within our school grounds.”

Vicky Kytzia, Principal Teacher added: “It’s been absolutely fantastic to have such positive things said about our new playground. There are many benefits that our new playground brings.”





“Today a child was saying when the bell rang at 9 o’clock they didn’t have enough time to play. So they are being more active, they are developing many more skills such as movement, coordination, balance, you name it? But they get to be children!.”


Nicola Farrell

Deputy Headteacher, Corpus Christi Primary School

Corpus Christi Primary School

Glasgow, Knightswood G13 3BH, Scotland

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