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Playground and Outdoor Fitness Equipment that is fun and built to last

KOMPAN have been developing high quality, fun and engaging playground and fitness equipment creating happier and healthier communities for over 40 years. We build hundreds of playgrounds each year in ParksSchoolsShopping CentresCampsites and more!

Our extensive product range includes timeless classics such as swings, playhouses and carousels, through to play towers, themed play, boot camp training equipment and more. We have unique, exciting and diverse ranges such as GALAXY, Corocord Rope Play and BLOQX making us exceptionally different to other play providers.

The development of our playground equipment and outdoor fitness equipment is based on thorough research, user testing and collaboration with the KOMPAN Play Institute and Fitness Institute. From this research we have set new global standards for ways to play. Whether it is sliding, swinging, spinning, climbing or balancing, our play and fitness equipment is specifically designed to promote child development, whilst at the same time, being great fun!

We have a team of dedicated Playground Specialists based throughout the UK and offer free support and advice to help you on your journey from planning to play. KOMPAN are also committed to providing a first class after sales and maintenance service. Not only can you be confident in your investment with a lifetime warranty on many structural elements, our in-house maintenance team have many years experience in the playground industry and provide a countrywide service to ensure all KOMPAN playgrounds are maintained to the highest standard.

Explore the range of playground and fitness equipment below or call us on 01908 201002 and let us help you to create the WOW factor for your community!

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Cross Training

Flexible to fit all user groups

A very effective form of exercise that combines the best activities of various sports, resulting in diverse and complete training sessions. Over the past decade this has grown to be the most popular fitness activity.

The basic exercises of Cross Training are the same regardless of the participant’s age or fitness level. It focuses on scalable resistance to match the needs and abilities of all users by changing the load and intensity whilst the exercises remain the same. It is based on the established belief that the specific needs of athletes and seniors differ by degree, not kind.

Cross Training exercises are all functional movements that represent the physical activities we do in everyday life, differing only in that they are focused and performed at a higher intensity. Normal daily movement is simply not enough on its own to develop strength and flexibility.