Early Years Foundation Stage Playground Equipment

Accelerate Development with our specially designed EYFS Playground equipment

Our school playground equipment has been specially designed to help early years practitioners provide outdoor learning environments which enable children to develop, creating positive relationships with others in the process.

Supercharge the seven key areas of child development to reflect the EYFS curriculum through outdoor and indoor play design. Different play experiences encourage children to develop their competencies and better understand themselves and the world around them. No matter your budget, what style of play you’re interested in or what developmental traits you are looking to encourage, our varied product ranges will have something suitable.

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Our product ranges

Award-winning and adaptable primary School playground equipment

Nursery playground equipment can completely transform child development during both lessons and break times. We have fine-tuned every one of our products to ensure safety, practicality and versatility, making them enjoyable for children and useful for early years practitioners. 

Themed Play

Our innovative and creative themed play range is the perfect addition to any EYFS setting. Specifically designed to encourage creative thinking, this nursery outdoor play equipment gives young minds space to imagine and develop their physical, cognitive and social skills. Featuring a combination of themes in many different sizes, you’re bound to find suitable equipment for your playground.

Organic Robinia Wood

Containing many of our most popular and iconic products, the Organic Robinia Wood range is a safe and natural playground solution, perfect for encouraging wildlife exploration and comfort in the outdoors. With traditional play options as well as themed playhouses and opportunities to develop key social skills, this early years playground equipment is well-suited to a wide range of environments.

Multi Play Structures

Our versatile multi play structures serve as perfect enhancers for young imaginations. Grabbing children’s attention with the promise of speed, excitement and movement, this nursery playground equipment is prepared for all types of play with a combination of moving parts and social areas.

Traditional Play

Simple, safe and iconic, our traditional play range is suitable for playgrounds in all settings. With sand, water and movement play options available, there are countless opportunities to keep children engaged and develop their cognitive, social and motor skills. If you’re unsure which early years playground equipment is most suited, you can’t go wrong with traditional apparatus.

Urban Climbing

Focused on durability and physical development, our urban climbing gear offers the perfect way to encourage complex movement. Varying from our sturdy BLOQX™ boulders to the exciting GALAXY™ and ICON™ ranges, there are options to suit any EYFS setting. Put children’s skills to the test with urban climbing equipment that encourages both route planning and strong physical skills.

Supernova, Carousels and Spinners

Excite the children with speed and balance challenges that will keep them engaged for hours and develop their motor skills in the process. Our innovative and traditional spinning products are sturdy and suitable for all ages, led by our incredibly popular and award-winning Supernova.




KOMPAN Moments Toddler Range

KOMPAN’s Moments Toddlers range features age-appropriate design for children aged 6 months to 4 years. Each playhouse features lots of play activities covering the 7 key areas of child development and can be placed inside or outside.

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