KOMPAN Cardio Exercise Equipment

At KOMPAN, we offer three main cardio equipment options: City, Sport, and Arm Bikes. Our City and Sport Bikes offer a traditional exercise bike option. This means they provide a lower body cardio workout.

All our exercise bikes allow you to have a great outdoor workout with all the benefits of conventional exercise bikes. While our Arm bike is a cardio machine for upper body workouts. We develop our fitness bikes using advanced engineering techniques. This ensures they're a self-powering system that offers an adjustable workout routine to fit the individual user.

Exercise bikes are one of the most popular and affordable pieces of cardio equipment available. Our outdoor exercise bikes are a great entry point for people looking to build their fitness. While also being great cardio machines for people looking for a more intense workout that will raise their heart rate.

As well as our range of outdoor exercise bikes, we also offer our highly popular Cross Trainer. At KOMPAN, we believe in adapting the best conventional gym equipment for outdoor gym use. This is what our expert team of designers have done with the Cross Trainer. This model of outdoor cardio equipment even features improved ergonomics. As well as a special glute workout mode, to provide a complete lower body workout.

Explore our range of outdoor cardio equipment below:


Outdoor Gym Cardio Equipment

At KOMPAN, we want to take the best and most advanced cardio equipment and adapt them to outdoor fitness areas. This includes using the latest technology and workout equipment engineering. An example of this is how we have incorporated touchscreens into our exercise bike range.

At KOMPAN, we aim to bring the advanced technology of indoor gym equipment. Integrating touchscreens into our outdoor gym equipment increases the quality of workout available. The touchscreen is a 7” LCD screen that provides instant feedback to the user. Such as information on speed, distance, cadence, watts, calories burned, and time working out.

Another big part of the outdoor gym equipment we create is inclusivity.

Inclusive Cardio Equipment

An example of how our cardio equipment is inclusive for all users is the Arm Bike. Contrary to what you may think, the Arm Bike focuses on providing an intense upper body workout. The muscle groups in the arms and upper body are the targets of this equipment. Such as the biceps and triceps, pectorals, and latissimus dorsi.

The Arm Bike can be used while standing, seated or from a wheelchair. This is why they’re a great option to include in any outdoor gym. With our Arm Bike, you can provide an inclusive exercise choice for people with a disability using your outdoor gym. We want our equipment to help provide exercise opportunities unavailable in a lot of conventional gyms.

KOMPAN’s Sport & City Fitness Bikes

We offer two conventional exercise bikes at KOMPAN. These include our Sport Bike and City Bike. The Sport Bike is an interactive and adjustable fitness bike ideal for complete cardio workouts. It’s ideal for encouraging people with an already high level of fitness to use your outdoor gym.

The Sport Bike is built for people with an active bike riding style. Its frame is enhanced for users who use the equipment leaning forward. This is encouraged by the bike has an adjustable saddle so all users can get the most out of their workout with the Sport option. 

This model also features a self-powered resistance component to help to create a real-world cycle experience. The resistance will vary as the user progresses through the workout depending on their pedalling speed. Your users can also alter the resistance manually using the KOMPAN App.

The City Bike offers a challenging but comfortable cardio workout for all users. Where this model is different, is its frame is built with a specialised ergonomics that promote an upright bike riding style. The City Bike features a wide, adjustable saddle that is comfortable and can be modified to lock in at 13 different heights. Allowing users to exercise from a height of 150cm to 205cm. Our City Bike is an innovative piece of cardio equipment that aims to mirror a road cycling experience.

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