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At KOMPAN, we’re on a mission to change the face of outdoor fitness equipment. Our latest range of functional fitness equipment has been scientifically developed by industry experts at our Fitness Institute to deliver an effective and well-rounded workout.



Functional fitness training, also known as cross training, is a type of exercise centered around body movements that are commonly used in everyday life. Key examples of functional movements include pushing, pulling, and squatting. The intention of cross training is to improve strength and endurance in a way that benefits the user’s ability to complete daily tasks. Functional exercises often engage several major muscle groups at once, making it a fantastic way to strengthen the entire body. Dedicated cross training equipment, such as a functional training station, can help users of all abilities achieve a successful workout.



Historically, people may participate in functional training at home or within a gym setting. However, with more people now choosing to exercise outside, outdoor workout stations have risen in popularity in local communities. From parks to recreational centres, installing a multifunction outdoor gym station can provide a dedicated safe space for users to complete their functional fitness workouts. KOMPAN offers an extensive range of outdoor fitness training stations to suit a range of ability levels, including magnetic bells, pull up bars and suspension trainers. We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits of outdoor fitness equipment, which is why many of our products are designed to be accessible via wheelchair.


1. Inclusive for all fitness abilities

Functional fitness is a diverse way of training that focuses on someone’s overall fitness level. It’s a highly adaptable way to exercise as users can alter the difficulty of their exercises as they progress. When using a KOMPAN multifunction outdoor gym station, users can perform a wide range of movements at varying difficulty levels. If they are just starting out, the user may choose an exercise position that is easier for them. The next time they work out, they may undertake the same exercise in an alternate position to build up the intensity. That’s the beauty of functional fitness – while the equipment remains the same, the user is in control of how challenging their workout is.


2. Reduced risk of injury

When exercise is too challenging, it puts a lot of stress on the joints and muscle groups. This can leave users susceptible to injury. However, the intuitive nature of cross training allows users to change their workout intensity to fit how they feel that day. For example, if someone’s upper body muscle groups feel sore, they can lower the challenge of the exercise and use an outdoor training station for recovery instead. Functional fitness means users can access the equipment in whichever way suits them best, helping to reduce the risk of injury.


3. Improve Functional Movements

Functional movements and functional strength are aspects of fitness people use day-to-day. Most conventional weightlifting exercises do not feature functional movements, meaning that while specific muscle groups may improve, the user’s general strength and fitness remains the same. An outdoor functional training station encourages users to perform variations of movements they do every day, but with different levels of intensity to improve overall strength and endurance.



Not all outdoor fitness products are made equally. An outdoor gym is an important investment for your community, and you need to be sure the equipment is up to scratch. This is where KOMPAN comes in. At KOMPAN, we are dedicated to delivering high quality kit that enables users to achieve an effective workout comparable to an indoor gym. Tried and tested at our Fitness Institute in Denmark, KOMPAN’s cross training systems are designed to withstand the test of time. You can rest assured that when you choose KOMPAN for your outdoor gym training station, you are receiving a product that will continue to bring value for years to come.

Key features of KOMPAN’s functional training stations include:

  • Hardwearing Materials: From hot dip galvanized steel to UV stabilized PES, KOMPAN’s outdoor training stations are crafted from durable materials to resist excessive use, extreme weather conditions, and vandalism attempts. For extra peace of mind, we offer industry-leading warranties on all outdoor fitness equipment.
  • Ergonomic Features: Exercise is not one-size-fits-all, which is why KOMPAN’s multifunction outdoor gym stations have ergonomic features to accommodate users of various shapes, sizes, and abilities. Our suspension trainer boasts three handle lengths for a comfortable experience regardless of user height, and our magnetic bells can be used in varying different positions to suit beginners and experts alike. These are just a few examples of the ergonomic choices we make when creating our outdoor fitness kit.
  • Versatile Equipment: KOMPAN’s outdoor gym training stations are designed with versatility in mind. Our products offer a range of exercises which are supported by our interactive sign boards and the KOMPAN Fit app, which is downloadable via the App Store or Google Play. Through this app, users can unlock the full potential of KOMPAN’s outdoor workout stations. Take our Cross Training Combi 1 for example – with one piece of kit, users can perform 36 different exercises!
  • Safety-Assured Design: User wellbeing is paramount here at KOMPAN. We make sure that all our outdoor fitness equipment is compliant with EN16630 regulations, and our expert team in Denmark undertakes extensive product testing to deliver a safe and secure exercise experience for all.



We take pride in our craft, and it shows. As well as receiving fantastic feedback from our outdoor fitness clients across the globe, we have also received various design awards for our multifunction outdoor gym stations. KOMPAN’s cross training range, Cross Systems, has won the 2017 Good Design Award in Australia and the European Product Design Award.

If you are looking to install high-quality outdoor fitness equipment then KOMPAN has the ideal solution for you. Our catalogue is filled with state-of-the-art equipment including stationary cardio equipment for outdoor gyms, outdoor multi sport arenas, and obstacle courses. We also offer accessories and timers for outdoor gyms to help take your site to the next level. For more information, give us a call on 01908 201 002 or submit an enquiry form.

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