Multi Use Games Areas

The innovative Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) is the perfect sporting activity area for use in places with very little space available. The MUGA is a unique concept, making sports like football, basketball, hockey, tennis, badminton and volleyball more accessible. The high functioning and flexible system is customisable with up to 40,000+ design options available, making it one of the most versatile sporting systems on the market.

What is a MUGA?

The MUGA is designed to enable active living in areas where it may be difficult to get moving due to space limitations. Our multi-use games areas help to shape healthier communities through the provision of high-quality play, sport and fitness solutions. The MUGA combines a range of different pitch options, complete with appropriate surfaces, goals and accessories for a huge variety of games.

By increasing the uses and capabilities of such a small area of space, the MUGA is the ideal solution for schools and parks. Keeping games enclosed within the area means that this is a safe yet transparent way of keeping people of all ages active.

Sports pitches available for use with the MUGA include football, basketball, hockey, volleyball, tennis, badminton and handball.

How to Customise the Multi Use Games Area

The following options are available to customise your MUGA: design, size, style, play value, choice of materials and accessibility availability. Some of the many options available for each multi use games area include:

  • Fencing height ranges from 1 to 5 m
  • Panel type (steel, coloured HDPE plates, wooden look, net, target shooting)
  • Choice of post colour
  • 45° or 90° corners
  • Closed main goal (steel or net)
  • Inside baskets
  • Outside baskets
  • Hockey goals (1.5 x 1 m)
  • Panna goals (1.2 x 0.7 m)
  • Freestanding baskets
  • Multi-net (height adjustable)
  • Target shooting play panels
  • Entrance gate
  • Entrance gate (Hockey style)
  • Service gate
  • Wheelchair entrance

The Benefits of MUGAs

Multi use games areas offer so much versatility, flexibility and accessibility to so many people that the benefits to be taken from a MUGA are numerous. Just a few of the benefits include:

  • A range of sporting activities can be played in one place
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Develops motor skills and coordination
  • Encourages working as a team
  • Encourages active lifestyles
  • Builds relationships within communities and schools
  • Safe space to play and enjoy sport
  • Improves concentration and focus within a learning environment
  • Improved level of fitness
  • Improved mood thanks to an increased level of exercise and endorphins
  • Manufactured to relevant BS standards
  • Easy to maintain

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