Outdoor gym equipment

Outdoor gym equipment

Exercise and fresh air are natural partners that are a universal formula for feeling good. If you have the dedication you can improve your fitness in the gym, however, sometimes being stuck inside a building makes your workout feel stale. Outdoor gym equipment allows you to workout in a fresh new space while taking in the view of nature around you. The key to improving your fitness is to keep your workouts exciting. Outdoor gym equipment is a great way to switch up your workout routine and improve your cardio and strength in more dynamic ways.


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You can combine different KOMPAN products yourself when building up an outdoor gym or choose solutions based on our expert recommendations. This means that you can create a great outdoor space for people to workout while remaining in your budget. All of our products are supported by the KOMPAN Sport & Fitness app which you can easily find with a quick search. Doing your workout outdoors with specifically designed KOMPAN products means you are more likely to remain engaged throughout as you are performing dynamic and interesting exercises.

Workout Equipment for Everyone

Outdoor gyms are about establishing a community very much like a playground is for children. KOMPAN's brand is built on delivering engaging street workout products that have been developed through years of design and testing. This is true for our KOMPAN Sport & Fitness app as well, all of our fitness services our tailored for longevity, safety, and most importantly effectiveness. We strive to provide people with a way of motivating themselves to get fitter through inclusive equipment that reconnects them with the great outdoors as well. KOMPAN is a business that wants whole communities to be able to improve their fitness easily by not having to search for a place to workout.

A Greener Way to Stay Fit

Gym users have to pay monthly for memberships and often fuel costs to just get to the gym. Outdoor equipment provides a greener way to stay fit and save money and time by bringing the gym to them. KOMPAN's specialist kit means that people don't have to search for a place to workout. Working out also gives you the added bonus of breathing in fresh air which has many positive health benefits and can often improve your fitness during your workout. Instead of driving to the gym you can give people the opportunity to simply walk to their local park and have a great workout, which is a small step people can take with a view to reducing their carbon footprint.

How to Use Outdoor Gym Equipment

Normally when people workout outside in places like a park they focus mainly on cardio workouts such as running. While a product like an outdoor workout bike can obviously improve your cardio, KOMPAN's outdoor fitness equipment has a wide range of equipment to increase strength that can increase strength as well. These include activity frames designed to perform cross-training workouts and obstacle courses perfect for improving dynamic strength.

KOMPAN's quality gym equipment is easy to understand and adaptable to all fitness levels. However, it is still important to observe all the correct health and safety protocols you would with a conventional gym before you start working out. Outdoor gyms provide a community space for people to come together and workout in a positive environment.

If you're looking to get fit and make some new friends you should contact a fitness class. Fitness Classes can use the apparatus for training sessions where the various exercises are explained to you as you go. If you would prefer to plan your own workout then you can experiment with the equipment to find the best workout for you, the easiest and most efficient way of doing this would be through the KOMPAN Sport & Fitness app. As long as you know what you are doing is safe for you and those around you there is a great variety of possible workouts you can do just in your local park. To make sure you find the right product for your requirements contact KOMPAN today and search for our app on the app store.

Download Our App

A great way to learn how to improve your outdoor workout is by planning your routine with our KOMPAN Sport & Fitness app. Users of our app can design a bespoke routine for themselves that can be adapted to fit in with their favourite outdoor apparatus. Through our app, people can also add and remove different exercises to adapt their routines to their fitness level. Search for our KOMPAN Fitness app and begin your fitness journey today.

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