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Outdoor Fitness

Exercise and fresh air, natural partners and a universal formula for feeling good. With dedication you can get fit in a gym, but bottled-up inside, you miss out on the one aspect that most makes you feel really great, nature. The sun on your back, the breeze in your face, even the refreshing drop of rain, turns vigour into invigorating.

Combine products yourself or choose from our solutions based on best practice. All products are supported by the KOMPAN Sport & Fitness app and optional trainer support – to make sure that motivation and retention is an integrated part of securing success.

Exercise Equipment for Everyone

KOMPAN believes in delivering effective street workout equipment that has been developed and optimised throughout years of design and testing. With longevity and effectiveness in mind, KOMPAN strives to produce the outdoor gym equipment that not only stands the test of time but also provides people with the chance to push their body to the limits in the great outdoors.

KOMPAN wants the whole community to explore the outside world, and one of the best ways to do that is to bring specially designed gym equipment into a controlled area outside.

A Greener Way to Stay Fit

As a species, we are now looking for ways in which we can keep improving our quality of life, but at the same time improve our impact on the earth. Which is why our street workout supplies provide people with the opportunity to use state of the art workout equipment whilst removing the need for power assisted air-conditioned indoor gym.


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