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Cross Training

Award-Winning Cross Training Equipment

The most popular fitness activities in the world right now.

The basic exercise principles of cross training are the same across whoever is participating. It is inclusive for all users no matter their age or ability. And is incredibly effective at increasing fitness levels.

Cross Training focuses on scalable resistance training that matches the needs and abilities of whoever is participating. You change the weight and intensity of its various exercises. But the techniques stay the same throughout.

It is based on the established belief that the specific fitness needs of everyone always stays the same. Whether they are athletes or never worked out before. The intensity of the exercise changes, not the exercise itself.

KOMPAN’s cross training range, Cross Systems, has won the 2017 Good Design Award in Australia and the European Product Design Award.

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What is cross training?

It doesn’t mean you need to use a cross trainer. It is about adding a variety of training routines into your workout to develop individual components of your fitness. From weight loss to living a healthy lifestyle or training for an event. These types of exercises focus on building individual muscle groups to increase your overall fitness.

Benefits of Cross Training

1. Inclusive for all Abilities

Cross fitness training is usually described as a workout routine that uses several types of training to build on specific aspects of fitness. It is a highly adaptable way to exercise which is why it works for so many different people. Regardless of your fitness level, the exercise doesn’t change. What varies is how you choose to perform the exercise. You can work at your own intensity to suit your personal fitness level.

2. Reduced Risk of Injury

Injury from exercise will typically occur when there is too much stress put on individual joints and muscle groups. Cross-training reduces this stress as you are able to adapt workouts to fit how your body feels that day. If you are struggling with your elbow joint but can still exercise, lower the intensity of your workout and reduce the risk of injury occurring.

3. Improve Functional Movement

Functional movement and strength are fitness you actually use in your day to day life. Most strength and weightlifting exercises don’t need functional movement. Cross-training activities are variations of exercises we do every day with the intensity increased to ensure you see physical benefits. Including upper body and lower body routines. This is why it has a noticeable positive impact on your life, an impact you will see the benefits of daily.

4. Build Strength & Endurance Simultaneously

There is a misconception that you can only increase strength and cardio with separate exercises. This is a problem with conventional workouts you often see in gyms. But with this type of training, you exercise using functional movements with resistance typically coming from body weight. This allows you to build on both your muscular and aerobic endurance during the same workout.

5. More Likely to Stick to Working Out

Cross-training offers a lot more variety than conventional workout routines. A lot of the time what makes people not stick to their goal of keeping fit is boredom. If you do not find your exercise routines interesting, then you will be less likely to carry them on. It has many different exercises that allow you to vary your workouts and keep them engaging. But they also allow you to adapt the intensity of each activity to varying the type of training you are doing as well.

Outdoor Fitness & Outdoor Gyms

Functional training systems equipment is ideal for any outdoor gym. They offer a variety of workouts and exercises with each individual piece of equipment. This is why it is growing more and more popular across the UK.

Because every cross-training exercise is designed to have scalable resistance, this allows a variety of different ages and abilities to use the equipment. Regardless of their individual level of fitness. This means cross-training is ideal for fitness classes and building a workout community around an outdoor fitness area. A great way to motivate people to keep active.


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