Signs & Accessories for Outdoor Gyms


Signs for outdoor gyms play an integral part in making sure that site visitors are well-informed before they begin their workout. Whether the signage is instructing the user on how to properly access the equipment, or advising them of general housekeeping rules, signs are one of the most important accessories for an outdoor gym. Without appropriate signage, you leave your site open to misuse. For example, a young child may have an accident whilst trying to use a piece of kit that isn’t age-appropriate, or an inexperienced user may injure themselves by incorrectly performing an exercise. Signage for outdoor gyms can help to reduce the likelihood of these issues occurring, and acts as a method of defence against unpleasant surprises.

Signs for outdoor gyms are also, in most cases, a necessary site condition. The EN16630 standard for permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment notes that all equipment must have suitable signage with instructions for use, key functions, and safety information. Additionally, certain councils may have their own policies for outdoor gyms, including mandatory requirements for a general sign. With this in mind, we highly recommend making sure that your outdoor gym has adequate signage. Not sure where to start with this? KOMPAN can help. Give us a call on 01908 201 002 to talk with one of our friendly experts.


While perhaps not as intrinsic as signage, accessories for outdoor gyms can play a huge part in bringing a fitness area to life. One of the most popular outdoor gym accessories is an outdoor gym timer. For many, time is an important aspect of exercise. From circuit training to sprints, time-tracking adds measurability to workouts and helps users to keep themselves accountable. Not only can an outdoor gym timer be highly motivating, but it can also facilitate continuous improvement in the workout by encouraging users to push themselves further. A timer for an outdoor gym, such as KOMPAN’s Multi Timer, can help users participate in more structured workouts.

Not only this, but an outdoor gym timer can also create a sense of competition, both against oneself and against others. When participating in group exercise, users may wish to engage in some healthy competition, for example seeing who can do the most push-ups in 30 seconds. Installing a timer for an outdoor gym provides an easy way for users to keep track of their challenges and see who comes out victorious. While it may seem simple for users to time themselves using their own personal equipment, mobile devices often have small screens that are not easily visible unless purposely put in the line of sight. On the other hand, a Multi Timer is easy to see while working out and it gives an auditory and visual signal that clearly indicates when to start and stop activities.



At KOMPAN, we take pride in the products we create - no matter how big or small. Built using hardwearing materials, our signage and accessories are designed to withstand the trials of an outdoor environment. We offer fully customisable signage to suit your needs, and our experts are on hand to help with any queries you may have. If you are looking to install signs or accessories for your outdoor gym, get in touch with KOMPAN today. Call 01908 201 002 or submit an online enquiry form.