Callisthenics & Street Workout

A sense of community and freedom of movement are key in this kind of outdoor fitness that has a place for everyone.

A calisthenic workout is an exercise routine in which you train using your own bodyweight. Examples of these exercises are pull-ups, push-ups, and triceps dips. This is why Callisthenics equipment is ideal for outdoor gyms and street workouts. You can perform Callisthenics exercises you can do without any objects. But to get the most out of your routine callisthenics equipment is essential.

What is Callisthenics Exercise?

Today, you’re probably told you need an expensive gym membership to build strength and get fit. But what if the most effective routine didn’t need you to spend a penny. Callisthenics is a variety of bodyweight power and conditioning exercises that offer a refreshing new approach to exercise.

Callisthenics is a dynamic mix of aspects from gymnastics and weight training. Based around prioritising body movement. It is an ancient form of training used by ancient Olympians and Roman soldiers. Why? Because it is the most effective and affordable way to build power and endurance. As well as flexibility and coordination.

Callisthenics & Street Workout equipment represents freedom of movement and flexibility. As well as promotes socialising and community. Apparatus designed for a Callisthenics workout will often use bars of different sizes, positions, and heights. To accommodate a variety of strength and cardio exercises.

Explore KOMPAN’s range of callisthenics equipment today, to find the perfect next routine:

Benefits of Callisthenics

Strength training is not just about lifting weights. Callisthenics is about dynamic training that often trains a variety of muscle groups in just one exercise. Callisthenics exercises will often train strength and cardio at the same time, which gives you a more exciting and active routine.

An exercise routine less likely to cause injury while doing more than only building power. That’s what a callisthenics workout is. The exercises build power but also increases participants’ range of movement and flexibility. As it focuses on bodyweight exercises the risk of injury is reduced compared to weight training.

It also lets you experiment with more dynamic and interesting exercises. If your exercise routine is more varied it keeps you interested in exercise. As well as allows you to build different muscle groups more effectively.

The History Of

From the ancient Olympics to militaries around the world today, Callisthenics is a vital part of high-quality fitness training. Callisthenics has evolved over thousands of years. Originating as ancient gymnastics and bodyweight exercises it has adopted aspects of parkour as well over the years. From simple exercises like pull-ups to the highly advanced human flag gymnastics position.

The best outdoor gym will blend parts of traditional exercise shown to work with exciting new outdoor fitness apparatus. Outdoor fitness areas that feature high-quality Callisthenics is a rapidly growing trend. Outdoor gyms offer different benefits than conventional gyms, here are some examples:

Callisthenics vs Conventional Gyms

Movement is often not a priority with a traditional gym workout. A conventional, indoor, gym does not have a lot of space available. Both for the actual gym fittings as well as for your individual routine. An outdoor fitness area allows people to perform their own routines. An outdoor gym has space to get the maximum benefits from a Callisthenics routine.

Outdoor fitness areas cannot use apparatus you may associate with conventional gyms. Such as a bench press or other free-weight exercises. This is why callisthenics gear is ideal for an outdoor gym. Callisthenics doesn’t use free-weights only the participants' body weight. The fittings are secured to the ground and do not require high maintenance or security to ensure nothing is not stolen.

Five of the Best Callisthenics Exercises

1. Pull-Ups

Using the Pull Up Station Pro allows users to get the most out of their pull up exercise. A pull up works a variety of muscle groups across your upper body. Including your biceps, triceps, pectorals as well as your back muscle groups. It is extremely effective at building strength & conditioning. The Pull Up Station Pro features a pull-up bar as well as a ladder. The ladder can be used to optimise a variety of exercises including Bulgarian split squats and push-ups:

2. Push-Ups

With push up bars, each bar is placed at a different height. So, users can perform different variations of push-ups that will target specific muscles across their upper body. The bars can also be used for plyometric training, rows, and dips:

3. Dip

Dips are an exercise that focuses on building power in your triceps. But they also exercise your pectoral chest muscles. They require a bar above a height. The lower the bar the more difficult the dip will be. This is why a dip bench is an effective tool for the exercise as it has bars of various heights.

4. Sit-Ups

Sit-ups are the most effective way to tone and strengthen your abdominal muscles. The best way to exercise your abs is to perform a range of sit-up variations. A decline bench and conventional bench allow for a variety of exercises from leg raises and other core muscle routines.

5. Human Flag

This is an exercise for the experts. It is very impressive, and this is because it is difficult to learn and hard to master. But even a complete beginner can train and perform an impressive human flag. It will take dedication to build your shoulder, lats, and ab strength. The Human Flag Wall is a great way to build core strength and balance as well as practise the human flag exercise.


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