From unusable to Multiple Classes playing Multiple Sports

Published 09/07/18


We recently re-visited a school that we transformed in 2015 with a new Multi use Games Area (MUGA), creating a space suitable for sport and fitness. Originally having an uneven ground, we flattened the surface and installed the Multi Use Games Area to create an area that could support multiple classes playing different sports all year round.

“The sports area is now used for football, netball, handball as well as basketball. Boys and Girls play together now in the MUGA which is great to see as we have regular mixed tournaments” Chris Bull, Head of Sports

3 years later and you can see from the photos the area is still looking fantastic.

The children and staff all love the Multi Use Games Area; the students use it at lunch and during breaks which has improved their classroom behaviour. Teachers have been using it for outdoor learning, making the most of the numeracy and alphabet panels.


Looking to create a new sports area for your school?

Having created the above space as part of London 2012, we have launched our new customisable school sports areas for the World Cup. Check out the launch video below or click here for more information.