Get Out and Get Active this Summer

Published 18/08/17

It’s ‘Get Active’ week in our 30 Summer Play Days campaign!

There's no better time to get active than the present! Whether it's using the outdoor gym equipment provided in local parks, the family taking on the obstacle course together, or toddlers running around and climbing up play equipment. Getting outside and getting active can be done in so many ways and best of all, it's free! Check out how the locals in the Vale of Glamorgan use their latest cross training facilities

KOMPAN have a dedicated research team who are looking to continuously develop the outdoor fitness offering in the market, making it as accessible and available for all ages and abilities.

Rob Boogmans, Director of the KOMPAN Sport & Fitness Institute, who is also a physiotherapist, states: "KOMPAN's own research shows that the desire to become more active is there - but time, money and motivation are the main reasons given for not being more active. To get inactive people active, communities require accessible and effective training locations suitable for all ages and physical abilities. But it takes more than that", says Rob Boogmans and continues:  "Appropriate instruction and motivation are also to be part of the solution to create long term effects, and research indicates that having digital or physical guidance increases exercise effectiveness, persistence and retention."

As well as the continuous development in our children's playground equipment to improve activity levels getting them away from the remote control! Over the past couple of years KOMPAN have launched unique sport and fitness products in to the market. See below