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Every inch is packed with play

Children’s immediate reaction to the Giant Dome is curiosity and the desire to play: Climp up! Once at the top, they are rewarded with a great sense of accomplishment and a far-reaching view of their surroundings.

With multiple layers of play and a capacity of more than 150 children playing simultaneously, the Giant Dome offers the qualities of an entire playground, under one sunshade! 


to WOW

The unique mix of colours and versatile activities create a playful landmark that ignites children’s play imagination.


Great promoter
of social play

Hangout spots encourage social play and serve as resting places in between the many physical challenges.


Sun shading
as add-on

Sun shading blocks up to 88% of solar radiation and provides a fun feeling of being inside a hot air balloon high up in the sky.

Challenges on many levels

The Giant Dome welcomes a wide range of users with its multiple ground-level activities. Hammocks, coconut ropes, and play shells offer chilled breaks and time for ralaxed social interaction. The innovative, gently moving seating or crawl-through options create fun meeting places,  and the Giant Dome rattles add intriguing sound effects. This is a world of physical and tactile variation and play explorations within a spatial design - roomy enough for wheelchair users to access and enjoy.

Climbing grips, hanging grab ropes, ladders, membranes and climbable poles facilitate multiple paths up to a maze of ropes where you need to duck, dive and climb through to move on. Getting down can go dare-devil fast and smooth on the fireman’s pole, or it can be a slower paced glide on the membranes or a rotating whizz on the curly climber.

Six colour themes available


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