Guiseley Primary School

Guiseley Primary School’s existing playground equipment wasn’t challenging or stimulating enough that it resulted in poor behaviour from the children. They needed something that would help assist and improve their attention, attainment and attendance.

Project Brief:

The school wanted to change the playground to provide new physical challenges to channel the children’s physical energy in a structured way to help with learning. The equipment needed to fit in with the natural surroundings and landscape as well as combat slipping issues from timber trails that had been installed in the past.

Project Overview

Location: Leeds

Age Group: Primary

Product Range: Robinia, Trim Trail

Surfacing: Rubber Mulch

Project Value: £12,000



The Result:

KOMPAN installed a Robinia Trim Trail for Guiseley Primary which fits in with the natural surroundings of the school. A trim trail is a fantastic product to provide physical challenges and cooperative play. The children can race around the trail or help each other to get through the course together.

The new playground was a success, attainment has been improved as the children are concentrating more in class after letting steam off during breaks. Attendance has gone up as the equipment is being used as a reward system for the class that has the highest attendance each week. On top of that they have also introduced a 'Wake Up Shake Up' scheme that is helping get children active in the morning and ready to learn by the time they get into the classroom.


“I play on it as much as possible on Fridays because that is the day my class is allowed to go on it. I like the three logs which you can step on or sit on, it gets harder to do as you go along.”
Anna, Year 2

“I like the spinning log because you can go all the way round and get loads of friends on it with you.”
Iris, Year 3

“I like the slopey bit because you can get loads of people on it.” 

Daniel, Year 3






“Our new equipment not only looks great and fun, it is impacting attendance, attention and attainment at our school.

Attainment has improved as the physical development and coordination is helping students cognitive development and reading / writing skills.

Attendance has improved as the children are very keen to use the equipment. Each year group has one day a week to use the timber trail – if they aren’t there they don’t get to play! It is also used as a reward scheme for the class with highest attendance rate from the previous week.

Attention during class has improved – physical exercise gets the brain working and we use the timber trail as an extension to our Wake Up Shake Up scheme.”

Sally Buckton, Head Teacher

Guiseley Primary School