Housing and Outdoor Space

KOMPAN’s One-Stop Service includes all the following:

FREE Mediation and Planning Assistance

We can help you negotiate with the local authority or a management group to achieve a specification that fits local needs as well as your budget and project timelines.

FREE Design

Our in-house design team and other specialists will create a bespoke design for your site; one that fits your needs and budget, whilst complying with all current legislation.


The KOMPAN service can include full project management, installation, all groundwork, and soft landscaping of the entire POS.


Our experts will help ensure that your POS is fully compliant, to all current legislation.

Award-Winning Standards

Rely on our accessible and inclusive equipment, and industry-leading design service.

Ongoing Maintenance

Enjoy peace of mind with our post-installation maintenance and inspection packages. 

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Attract and retain residents with appealing play spaces that build community.

Creating the perfect living environment is essential in turning a building into a home, and housing into a community. It is a social conundrum that we have been addressing for half a century, in fact since day one; KOMPAN was born out of a housing project. 

Today understanding the role and value of recreational spaces in all housing, is core to what we can do. Communities are a random collection of people defined by demographics of work, age and culture, but regardless of where they come from, what they do for a living, it is in how they feel walking to and from their homes that they acquire a sense of purpose and common pride. It’s a feeling worth investing in.

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You will already be familiar with the terms LAP, LEAP and NEAP which defines that outdoor sport, play, and informal space is of a sufficient size to enable effective use, is located in an accessible location, is in close proximity to dwellings, and of a quality to maintain longevity and to encourage its continued use.

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