Housing and Outdoor Space

Attract and retain residents with appealing outdoor spaces that build community.

Creating the perfect living environment is essential in turning a building into a home, housing into a community. It is a social conundrum that we have been addressing for half a century, in fact since day one; KOMPAN was born out of a housing project. 

Today understanding the role and value of recreational spaces in all housing, is core to what we can do. Communities are a random collection of people defined by demographics of work, age and culture, but regardless of where they come from, what they do for a living, it is in how they feel walking to and from their homes that they acquire a sense of purpose and common pride. It’s a feeling worth investing in.

Recreational space is the social turbo charger

Recreational space fosters a sense of civic ownership. It’s what changes a geographical name into an entity, making it a desirable place to live and through a growing respect and care, reduces vandalism, the drain on reparation and the silent costly turnover of residents. Getting it right from the start is a vast contribution to extending the lifestyle and lifetime of a major investment. 

Refurbish to get the most out of your space

RefurbishHousing-600.jpgEven the best of recreational facilities will be tested by time. Wear and tear are a compliment to any design, but there comes a point when decisions have to be made. Like 75 years down the line at Stuytown, in New York’s Manhattan.  Refurbishment was an answer, but rejuvenation was the aim. The residents took their worn ‘asphalt box’ of a play yard and asked KOMPAN to turn it into a multi-sport fitness area for a community, to create a community. Customised to take full use of the space, the Stuytown solution is unique. However KOMPAN options are both versatile and flexible, from templates to specific requests that are in and out of the box. StuyTown CEO, Rick Hayduk explains why everyone is now delighted with their totally transformed multi-activity fitness area. Watch video.

HousingSkyWalk-800.jpgNew modern neighbourhoods

KOMPAN, as a company, started ‘accidentally’ following an observation on a housing estate. The huge blocks of flats of the Seventies were devoid of individuality, concrete and soulless. An art project was commissioned to defuse the anonymity, but the children adopted the art as playthings and swiftly there was more than just an identity, there was a focal point, a meeting place. The artist saw an opportunity that satisfied a need. Suddenly there was KOMPAN. Today art and play are united, and the playground is no longer an add-on, it is an integral part of the mix. Contributing to building communities is in our DNA, and working with architects and developers to achieve healthy, sustainable societies is amongst most precious of our goals.

HousingPartner-400.jpgWhat partnership means to us

At KOMPAN we focus on the numerous facets of recreational outdoor space, from play to fitness and from resting to socializing. We work in partnership to understand your vision and identify the exacting needs and requirements of the residents. Throughout we listen and interpret your needs and thoughts into design, installation, safety management and finally, maintenance. No two situations are identical, so taking the specified demographics and the geographical location as fundamental starting points, a unique solution evolves.

Created by KOMPAN, it is always your playground or your outdoor gym, manufactured and installed without compromise. High durability and low maintenance are ensured and backed-up by outstanding warranty. At KOMPAN our partnership is a lasting commitment.

The recreational amenities are absolutely critical to the wellbeing of the residents. Residents come here because of the recreational offerings...

Rick Hayduk

CEO, StuyTown Property Services