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Inspection, Maintenance, Repairs and Refurbishments

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Playground owners have a responsibility to the public to keep their play areas safe at all time. KOMPAN can help you achieve this by implementing a complete inspection regime. We provide an easy to use and quick service to take away the pain from you. We can help you with cost control, protection from legal claims, reducing vandalism as well as keep your play areas in use. By offering immediate on-site repairs, items and the play areas are left safe. We can also save you money and downtime with agreed rates.

Here to help

KOMPAN aim to give you the confidence we understand your requirements and can deliver a quick response, reliable service and finally an ideal solution for your needs.

We can assist you with Playground Inspections, Maintenance, Repairs as well as any Refurbishments. We will help guide you to maintain your play and sports areas while at the same time making safety your number one priority.


Our many services include:

  • A range of Inspection and Maintenance packages to suit your budget
  • Ensuring your outdoor play and sports areas are safe and always up to the current BS EN standard
  • Detailed quotations delivered to you quickly
  • Helpful and knowledgeable office staff always on call
  • Emergency response options, especially where child safety is a priority
  • On-site replacement parts
  • Spare parts delivered in 8-25 days
  • Exclusive online spare parts tool with an option to upload photos of the equipment

Benefits to you

With our many years of knowledge and on-site experience we can provide a quick, reliable and high-quality professional service. KOMPAN can provide on-site inspections, repairs, refurbishments and maintenance on any manufacturers equipment - even for those no longer in existence.

We also offer a ‘Find and Fix’ service where we can inspect and fix the problem on site on the day. No job too small or large, and we have a responsive office who can offer quick advice and help.

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