Inspection & Maintenance - Allom and Barlow House, R.B. of Kensington and Chelsea

Inspection, Maintenance, Repairs, and Refurbishments.

Case Study: Allom and Barlow House, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

The Problem - 7.5k required

KOMPAN inspected the piece of equipment and found that the slide had corroded at the fixing point as it entered the ground.

This particular piece of equipment was nearly 20 years old and had been extremely well used. The KOMPAN inspector then advised the client on the best course of action, removed the slide, and boarded up the entry access point so that children could not fall out of the opening on to the surface. The client did not have monies to repair the well used item of equipment, so KOMPAN were then asked to provide a quote to replace the slide using one purchased from the original equipment manufacturer.

The client was shocked at the cost of new equipment and installation, so KOMPAN decided to look into this further and come back to the client with a cost-effective solution.



The Solution - 2.5k approx. saving for the customer

KOMPAN suggested retrofitting one of our own slides to the other manufacturer’s unit, saving the client around £2,500. The retrofit was carried out by an approved annual inspector with many years of compliance experience.


Project Overview

Location: Notting Hill, London

Date of Installation: February 2021

Project Cost: £5,000

Approx. Saving: £2,500




The multi play slide had reached the end of its life. KOMPAN approached the original manufacturer of the slide and provided a price for a replacement slide which was unfortunately outside of our budget. KOMPAN then provided a solution by retrofitting a KOMPAN slide onto the play structure. This included a financial saving and we are very happy with the works undertaken by KOMPAN.


Patrick Sean Sullivan

Environmental Project Officer

Inspection & Maintenance - Allom and Barlow House

Notting Hill, London W114JJ, England