Inspection & Maintenance - Apprentice Gardens

Inspection, Maintenance, Repairs and Refurbishments.


Case Study: just ask services, Apprentice gardens

The Problem - 50k required

The play area, which is located on a West London housing estate, had been extremely well used over the years, but was showing signs of ageing. Just Ask Services asked KOMPAN to look into replacing the equipment with brand new equipment, which they quoted for. They also suggested to them that refurbishing old worn parts with new as well as carrying out surfacing repairs would extend the life of the playground. The play space had missing parts, broken fencing, damaged wet pour surfacing as well as frayed cables within the play structure, including loose parts and components.

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The Solution - 38k approx. saving for the customer

KOMPAN met with the client and carried out a thorough inspection of the playground by lead inspection and maintenance engineer, Keiren Browne. Keiren then worked up a schedule of works that would be needed to bring the playground back into good service.

Repairs to the safety surfacing were made to reduce the likelihood of trips and falls, including edging repairs. All the works undertaken were carried out by KOMPAN maintenance and inspection engineers. The Galaxy unit, one of the first models in the UK, was 14 years old and needed replacement parts fitted. The Spica had a new replacement top fitted, and the Navigator had stiff bearings dismantled and then reset.


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Project Overview

Location: Northolt, West London

Date of Installation: May 2020

Project Cost: £12,000

Approx. Saving: £38,000




If you have a contractual responsibilty to maintain your clients' playgrounds or recreational space, then working in partnership with KOMPAN is undoubtedly the way forward to achieve this.

Transparent, honest and thorough, and provides peace of mind in my role that client residents can play safely.


Tim Bicknell 

Health and Safety Manager, Just Ask Estate Services