Inspection & Maintenance - Northway School

Inspection, Maintenance, Repairs and Refurbishments.


Case Study: Northway School, London

The Problem - 12k required

The school purchased KOMPAN equipment many years ago, however they then had a second wet pour layer laid by another contractor over the original wet pour surface a few years later. The second layer of wet pour was not laid properly, nor was it very thick. In some places the second surface layer was no more than 5mm in thickness and not fit for purpose. In addition, the second surface was not chased into the concrete edging, which meant the surfacing had also begun lifting and crumbling.

Northway EYS 6 Northway EYS 6 Northway EYS 6   

Northway EYS 10 Northway EYS 10 Northway EYS 10


The Solution - 5k approx. saving for the customer

KOMPAN met with the client and carried out a thorough playground inspection of the safety surfacing. The problems with the wet pour were quickly identified. KOMPAN recommended that the top layer of the wet pour was removed. In some areas the wet pour could easily be pulled up by hand. The proposal was to lay a new layer of single colour surfacing onto the original surface that was originally laid by KOMPAN many years ago. Once the loose layer of wet pour had been removed, KOMPAN laid a top coat primer/binder onto the original safety surface so that the new wearing course layer would bond with the original surface. As well as laying the new surface, the new wet pour was chase cut into concrete edgings around the play space.

IMG 2707  IMG 2708 IMG 2712

Project Overview

Location: The Fairway, North London

Date of Installation: August 2020

Project Cost: £7,000

Approx. Saving: £5,000




“Northway School is very satisfied with the work carried out recently to replace one playground surface and repair parts of another. Your initial visits were helpful and you put our minds at ease that you understood our requirements. Your quote for the work was reasonable and appropriate. You took in to account other building work in school at the same time as well as Covid-19 restrictions. Your workers arrived on time and worked hard throughout the three days. All works were carried out on time and to the specification agreed. We are very happy with all aspects of the work carried out by KOMPAN and would readily use your company in future.


Carol Levy

Deputy Headteacher, Northway School